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Meeting Details

Speaker Details
Mr DG Graham PEDEN
Rotary District 9455
Graham’s current focus is on two major social ‘Rotary’ initiatives, the Kimberly Dental Team, who are volunteer dentists and others who are providing crucial but free dental support and oral education to aboriginal children and the families living in the Kimberly. The other project is aimed at reducing and ideally ending homelessness in Perth - in particular aiming to raise sufficient awareness about the plight of the homeless and seeking funding to provide pre and post hospital care for the homeless who when presenting at the emergency department have been identified as requiring medical treatment/surgery in one of the City hospitals. The plan is to set up a medical recovery centre in partnership with St Bart’s and Dr. Andrew Davies (Homeless Healthcare) However, Graham is also aware that there are just so many other incredible projects being organised or supported by so many of the wonderful Rotary Clubs throughout District 9455.
Graham’s wife, Susan, is Director of Therapy with a community not for profit organisation supporting people with complex health and behavioural needs.
Looking back over his time as a Rotarian, Graham recognises that he has been so privileged through Rotary, to have been given the opportunity to help and support the WA community. Graham has learnt so much through his connection to Rotary and he has been so generously supported by his fellow members and Graham has and acknowledges so many friends and acquaintances within Rotary who have been so generous and willing to help him. In that respect Graham is indebted to his Club and all the Clubs in Rotary District 9455. Rotary is a great organisation in which to belong. Rotary is so rich in humanitarian compassion. Graham intends that Rotary will continue to be an influential force for good, please support him and participate in that vision. Why would anyone not want to belong to an organisation that can be so effective and do so much good for the unique world we live in?
Marcus Harris
This is a joint meeting with Rotary Club of West Perth
This is on Thursday October 3
7:00am - 8:30am
Thursday, 3 Oct, 2019
Leederville Sports Centre
78 Cambridge St, Leederville, WA