Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Western Endeavour - Issue No.: 1116 Issue Date: 21 Apr, 2024

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Susan Carew in her great "uniform" for peace

Susan Carew - Rotary Peace Scholar and Clown

This week we had a very entertaining and uplifting visit from Susan Carew who is a Rotary Peace Scholar who dresses as a Clown to get her message across. Susan is a former economist who in 1998 had a “dream of teaching peace”.  She has since travelled the world to convey her message of peace.

In 2001 Susan moved from Canberra to Melbourne to do a one year peace study course at La Trobe University. At the conclusion of the course she decided to conduct an experiment with her fellow students. She went to the campus dressed as a clown. She soon realised that she was able to connect with people and discuss peace with them far more easily when in her clown guise. As a result she decided to become a “World Peace Clown”.

In 2002, after making contact with Patch Adams, Susan was invited to tour Russia with him. After receiving a $7,500 donation, Susan joined him to clown in nursing homes, orphanages, hospitals and the streets of Russia. It was on this trip that she realised she was able to reach across cultural, language and social barriers to get across her message of love and peace.

Susan Carew with Pres John, Pres Elect Judy and Host LaurieG

Susan massaging Harald's head to allow discussion of peace

After returning to Australia, Susan created a peace education program called REAL HOPE which she now teaches to children of all ages. In 2008 the Rotary Club of Canterbury sponsored Susan to go to Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok to study peace and conflict. On this trip Susan clowned in hospitals, at a refugee camp and in an HIV clinic. Throughout this trip she had many memorable moments that convinced her that true peace comes from love and connecting with people. Subsequent to this trip Susan has travelled to places such as Cairo, New Delhi, Chicago, Mexico, Ireland and London spreading her peace message.

Susan strongly believes that in order to achieve peace it requires us to first find peace within ourselves. This requires us all to use the power of positive thinking to find peace within, then the outside changes. “Peace is about connection between people. True peace is not achieved by legal treaties and political solutions”

It was great to see a person so passionate and dedicated to making the world a better place!

Author: Rohan Nagappa

Published: 26 April, 2012


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