Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Western Endeavour - Issue No.: 825 Issue Date: 23 Sep, 2018

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Club Office Bearers for 2018-19

At the Club AGM held on the 28 November, the following 2018-19 Club Office Bearers were elected: 

President:                 Tony Parker (elected unopposed)
President Elect:         Byron Williamson (elected unopposed)
Secretary:                   Barrie Heald (elected unopposed)
Treasurer:                    Michael Lee (elected unopposed) 
Club Service Director:  Vicki  Rowe (elected unopposed)
International Director:    Harry Nesbitt (elected unopposed)
Fundraising Director:   Jane O'Leary (elected unopposed)
Rotary Foundation:      John Boxall (elected unopposed)
Community Service,
New Generations, Vocational Service)
Membership:           Byron Williamson: (elected unopposed)
I am most grateful to those members for supporting me during my forthcoming year.
Closer to July 2018, remaining members will have an opportunity to volunteer for the various committees, supporting the Directors.
The positions I am yet to fill are:
  • Bulletin Editor
  • Sargeant at Arms
If any member who does not already have a position, and has not done either of these 2 roles in recent years would like to volunteer, that would be great.  Both of them are fun positions, with pleny of opportunity for interaction with members-  I can highly recommend Sargeant at Arms, particularly as the incumbent has set a very low bar!
Shortly Byron and I will be looking for Byron's successor, President 2020-21!  Its still a long way away, so you might want to throw your hat in the ring early- plenty of time to come to grips with the enormity of what you've done.

Author: Tony Parker

Published: 25 November, 2017


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