Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Western Endeavour - Issue No.: 820 Issue Date: 19 Aug, 2018

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How did Meath Care get it's name?

Meath Care evolved from the Ministering Children’s League, which was founded in England in 1884 by Lady Brabazon, future Countess of Meath. Branches of the League were set up in Perth and in 1912 the Ministering Children’s League Convalescent Home was in Cottesloe. In the 1950’s, operating the Home had become economically unviable and the government of the day invited the Anglican Church to act as Trustees to safeguard the League’s assets and continuity. An Executive was elected by the Synod of the church and it was decided that the committee would cooperate with the church and at some later stage extend their work into care of the aged.

In 1963, the government purchased the convalescent home and eventually provided a parcel of land in Trigg. The committee looked at all aspects of care for the aged and in 1966 received the major share of the estate of Miss Phoebe Holmes, a former President of the League and daughter of the woman who initiated the League’s work in Western Australia. This funding plus money from the sale of the old building allowed the Committee to apply for Commonwealth Government funding and in 1972 Meath opened a 70-bed aged care hostel in Trigg.

Author: Jane O'Leary

Published: 4 August, 2018


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