Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Western Endeavour - Issue No.: 863 Issue Date: 16 Jun, 2019

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High Tea For Humanity

What a fantastic day we had for the High Tea at the Yokine Bowling Club.  There was a great turn out from club members to set up the tables with very eclectic table covers, mix and match cups, saucers and fabric napkins, table decorations which were a piece of dry tree with peace cranes in a champagne bottle (you had to be there to see it), a string of peace cranes at every setting, tables with the silent auction items, the windmill raffle windmills and prizes. 

The food by Donatos Catering was delicious and plentiful and the service by the Yokine Bowling Club staff was excellent.  Bruce Fielding once again was a great MC and kept the action happening.  The Op Shop fashion parade was well received, the jewellery lucky dip popular, the Whiskey Toss was fun, with Brendan being the winner even after being disqualified from his first coin resting against the bottle because he used a silver coin.  Amazing that he came back with a gold coin and managed to get closest again. The "swap table" for the goodie bags was well utilised with people swapping what the had in their goodie bag for something on the table. The goodie bags were made possible by the generous donations from my local Buy Nothing group.  The items gifted were amazing.

Whiskey Toss

Delicious Food

Darren Lomman from Greenbatch set up an informative display and gave a talk about his passion to build a plastic recycling plant in WA.  At the end of the event he presented us with a Rotary wheel with Western Endeavour on it made from the recycled 3D printer filament they are making. And what a buzz to read this week that Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, visited a Girl's Academy in Dubbo. One of the recipients of the money we raised will be the Girl's Academy at Balga Senior High School.  Does that count as a Royal Warrant?? 

To top the whole event off, when I posted the amount raised in the FB pages for High Tea for Humanity: Rotary Club of Western Endeavour: Buy Nothing Tuart Hill, Yokine, Joondanna: and the Yokine Bowling Club, I asked if anyone out there would consider donating the $59.98 to make our total $13,000 and one of Judy's gym buddies said she would do it.  What a fantastic result

Author: Jane O'Leary

Published: 21 October, 2018


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