Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Western Endeavour - Issue No.: 938 Issue Date: 22 Nov, 2020

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Rotary Members hosting an International Student in 2020-2021

Ms Joanne Woodward as Chair of the Rotary Youth Exchange progamme for District 9455, spoke to our club today-Tuesday 04 February 2020.

Joanne specifically spoke about being a host within the context of the new hosting arrangements. She emphasised the importance of treating the person as a family member. She outlined what the club and host family are expected to contribute to maintaining the student's schooling needs.

Rotary International and TIWA have to coordinate access to the local education system, so the exchange student has the opportunity to try for an ATAR score. Student fees are cost neutral, because each RI District has an agreement with the country of origin to waiver any foreign student excess fees.

The student also has access to a mentor who isn't the host family and must be the same gender as the student.

Club members are encouraged to spend time with the exchange student and the student is expected to be part of the club

All adults (over the age of 18) have to have a Working with Children permit. 

Joanne presented a calendar for WA district 9455 student exchange.

Students arrive mid July and are briefed on the weekend of July 24 2020. they leave in June 2021.

There are many mandatory and voluntary events for the students during the time they are in WA.

Finally, Joanne assured the hosts and other club members that 99% of students are wonderful young people- clever, talented and resourceful who made the effort to leave home at a young age and go to a foreign country..

Tony and Harry as co-hosts then expressed to club members that their previous  experience with RI Exchange students had been so good that they maintained contact to this day.

Author: Marcus Harris

Published: 1 February, 2020


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