Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Western Endeavour - Issue No.: 864 Issue Date: 23 Jun, 2019

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Club Report 2018-19!

Stung by the comments on my writer’s block at the Changeover Dinner, I thought I better have the last word, before I turn into a feather duster!  Also, a final opportunity to record for posterity in our magnificent newsletter my Report on our achievements for 2018-19.  Your next President’s message will of course come from our new rooster, Byron.

In 2018-19, together, we did:

  • Share the benefits of Rotary with 5 new members- networking & service.
    • Achieved 2 new members- unfortunately 1 member has been unable to attend meetings due to health reasons.
  • Meet the expectations of membership of our members.
    • No resignations due to dissatisfaction
    • Regular attendees had 71% average attendance
    • 40 regular meetings held (not including evening or combined meetings)
    • Michael Lee maintained his 100% attendance record
    • Judy Dinnison also 100% attendance (with makeups)
    • 1600+ voluntary hours recorded, and many more not recorded
  • Maintain a good meeting and Speaker program and regular social events
    • Vicki,  then Marcus, arranged in excess of 18 guest speakers
    • Socials included Club visit to the Whipper Snapper Urban Distillery followed by lunch, Festive Season brunch at Michael and Wendy Lee’s, traditional new year picnic at Matilda Bay. Speedway collections pretty social too.
    • Leederville Sporting Club continue to provide excellent facility and cooked breakfast at great value- many thanks to LSC President Cris and GM Nigel.
  • Follow through on Visioning and Strategic Plan .
    • Held monthly Club Committee meetings and Board meetings
  •  Maintain partnerships with our projects:
    • Balga SHS, Perth Motorplex, EarlyAct at Rosalie PS, Shenton College, Masai Education Fund, Cambodia WASH Project.
    • Special thanks to Donna, Michael, Jane, Rohan, Laurie G, Byron, Harry & John for taking the lead on those relationships.
  • Continue working with other Rotary Clubs in our Zone.
    • Regular attendance at Zone meetings
    • Combined meetings with Matilda Bay, Cambridge, West Perth & Scarborough Rotary Clubs
    • Attended Australian Rotary Health Forum- Lift the Lid on Mental Illness
    • In excess of 50% of available members attended District Conference
    • Attendance at District Assembly, District Changeover, Foundation Showcase, PETS
  • Continue to support local programs
    • FASD-  $10,000, Cancer Research - $6000+(from Motorplex Collections), Showgrounds Community Shed-  $5,000, YO!FEST-  $2,000, 12 Buckets-  $1750, Greenbatch-  $1,500,  RYPEN-  $1,400, NYSF-  $1,000, RYLA-  $845.
    • Commitment to support 2019/20 inbound Rotary Exchange Student for 6 months- shared with Scarborough RC
  • Support RI objectives
    • Rotary Foundation  (End Polio) $2,500
    • Australian Rotary Health- $1000
    • RAWCS- Masai Education Fund & Cambodian Water & Sanitation Project- $3,850
    • Shelter Box-  $1,000
  • Raise more funds than last year
    • High Tea- $11,000
    • Motorplex collections- $9,225 (including Alf Barbagallo donation organized by Con Migro)
    • Website hosting & support-  $1800
    • To end May, $1300 short
  • Attempt to meet criteria for Presidential Citation
    • Main challenge is completing the RI reporting!
    • Four categories required to be satisfied- Achieved!
  • Help Byron with his succession plan.
    • Success with succession! Byron is very happy  that Harry Nesbitt has agreed to be President 2020/21, on top of a number of competing commitments that year.
    • The Club, and me personally , have committed to support Harry during that year.
  • Be the Inspiration!
    • I think we got there!

My thanks to the 2018-19 Team:

  • Mr Byron Williamson, President Elect
  • PP Mr Barrie Heald, Secretary
  • PP Mr Michael Lee, Treasurer
  • Ms Vicky Rowe, Director Club Service
  • Mr Marcus Harris, Acting Director Club Service
  • PP Ms Jane O'Leary, Director Fund Raising & Bulletin Editor
  • PP Mr John Boxall, Director Community Service, New Generations and Rotary Foundation
  • PP Mr Harry Nesbitt, Director, International
  • Imm PP Dr Laurie Glossop.


Fellowship... June is designated as “Rotary Fellowship Month” by the RI Board to recognise the importance of international fellowship and goodwill among Rotarians with similar recreational interests, vocations, and health and medical issue-oriented interests, to promote increased participation in fellowships and increase understanding of this program. The RI Board encourages fellowship groups to highlight activities through projects, activities, and events in celebration of “Rotary Fellowship Month”.


“Fellowship is wonderful; it illuminates life’s pathway, spreads good cheer, and is worth high price.” Rotary Founder, Paul Harris

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Special Days
Sun, 23 Jun - Charles Marais' Birthday

Wed, 26 Jun - Byron Williamson will have served our Rotary club for 3 years

Wed, 26 Jun - Laurie and Alma Dender will be celebrating 37 years of Marriage

Wed, 26 Jun - Peter Batskos will have served our Rotary club for 6 years

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John Boxall
John Boxall
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Laurie Dender
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